(Nature to be Explored)

The best way to look after ourselves
and take care of the environment.

The Parco di Interesse Locale of Costermano sul Garda contains a surprising variety of landscapes to explore: only 8% of the total area is urbanised.

Towards the future: opportunities

A project to develop, conserve and promote the natural and cultural heritage. By protecting biodiversity, we increase the quality of services for the wellbeing of the population and the interest of tourists.

Job opportunities and growth

Immobilisation and economic

Sustainable development

Industrial economy

“Slow” green/experiential

Invasive mass tourism

Green mobility


Educational, cultural, scientific, tourist and recreational activities


Redevelopment of unused
/degraded areas

Progressive decline

Funding for projects

No funding

Recognition and positioning
on the tourist market

Inadequacy to meet
the market demands

Balance between the natural and
man-made environment

Systemic imbalance