• Mission

The Parco di Interesse Locale of Costermano sul Garda aims to ensure the protection and promotion of the natural, environmental, cultural heritage, as well as traditional and compatible production activities present in the territory.

The main goals are:

Protection of the Natura 2000 site “Monte Baldo: Val dei Mulini, Senge di Marciaga, Rocca di Garda”;

Biodiversity Conservation;

Tourist and recreational use;

Development of sustainable tourism;

Integrated enhancement of the heritage of historical and cultural resources;

Improvement of the territory’s nature and ecosystem, in accordance with the World Convention on Biodiversity;

Protection of agricultural resources, regulations on the uses and methods of intervention;

Development and qualification of urban planning;

Experiential travel through educational, cultural, naturalistic and hiking paths, bike paths and recommended tours and itineraries;

Creation of open-air accommodation facilities, such as tree houses and glamping tents, development of rural courtyards, refreshment points and shops selling local products;

Creation of appropriate signs and posters identifying the main routes, also with maps;

Promotion of targeted projects of research, experimentation and environmental education;